Monday, April 23, 2007


I am still hesitant to call this news article lame; maybe because there could be many things i dont know about cancer research. I hope I defend my case on the basis that studied chemistry for four years and had taken biology courses two years before that (11th and 12th)

The study about which the reuters report talks about reminds me of the "projects" used to be done in my college.

The study wants to say that there is a gene in humans - caspase 8 (CASP8) which controls cell death or apoptosis. So this dude is the one which will stop the goddamn virus from running amok in a body.

What they did was take DNA samples from 10,000 Chinese guys over 6 years between 1997 - 2003 (4 years ago) . Half of them were suffering from cancer and half of them were not. So we suspect that since caspase 8 is so brilliant, it should be, if not outrightly beating its chest belligerently,but at least holding some swords in the cells of most of the 5 thousand cancer free people. But the stats are that this gene's variant is found in just 25 % of the cancer free people while this figure is 20 % for the cancer patients. A meager difference of 5 % .

That means that 20 % unfortunate cancer patients are not getting any help from the gene even if its there in their cells.

ahem ahem!.....the population of china is 1.3 billion and here every year cancer claims 1.4-1.5 millions lives.

what does 10,000 mean at all when 1.5 million have been dying of cancer per year since your four year old study.

It got published in the journal nature genetics, the report says. Kudos!

I feel good to have finished two reports, one on the national income of India and the other on the growth of service sector in India for Amir Ullah Khan in economics Confidence level is up and my point of view has changed!

PS : I would like to welcome my friends to my friends list - Vishal, Anuraag and Arpit!!
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