Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hols of colours so dark......part1

I never thought about colours.I never had liking for any sort of colour,but i do have an awful sense of choosing colours for my clothes(ya shiv sena bhagva T shirt),but this summer I developed a strong liking for dark shades.I travelled a lot.Rail reservations,cancellations,again reservations,check in,check out and as ibm says 'change of plans'.In travels found that dark colours have this magnetism,mysterious force which attracted me towards them.
But the beginnings were bright as they almost always are.It all started in Nagpur my so called hometown.Bright sunshine and a menacingly hot sun.It was May and the days seemed to be endless with heat so unbearable.I was moving on a Ladybird in a big city while kids younger than me were moving on motorcycles.Dekh loonga.Days seemed to pass very slowly,waiting for some relief....until darkness raised its head which was seemingly ugly at that time..Well this was partly due to the state electricity board, so many nights in the weeks were now drowned in darkness.The hours now seemed even more endless.Just me and my grandma,with one thin candle and such unmeasurable sum of darkness.We were just two people with nothing in common except the genes,sitting in a small middle class Indian house in Ramdaspeth.The air outside just as unmoving as the one inside.The house seemed so full to me now.Darkness encapsulated the sphere of yellow light coming from the feeble candle.As though darkness would just strangle its neck from all directions,yet light emanates so elegantly and effortlessly.The four walls were now invisible,but the house seemed to close in on me somehow and i felt as though all the luggage of three families stuffed in the house will just fall on me and I will be crushed under it.Unnamed species of a fly tried to attack me but ended up in the blob of a wax around the candle.The fly was such a distraction.I had just started to feel my mind.In the darkness i did not know what I was looking at.And all I could percieve was my mind.All I was doing was thinking and pondering over matters.And at that point i liked the darkness so very much because it gave me the freedom of being nobody,i felt like my mind was just free to think in any direction.There was nothing tangible to percieve and to focus at,just my ideas and consciousness.
Then came the trip to the city of joy.Catcutta or Kolkata now.the trip was pretty small,just two days.I loved the dark red bricked buildings.Roads were rusty and shops were small and narrow.There were moments of total void on railway stations,where in procrastination i developed a habit of tracing the inheritance of facial features of children sitting around me from their parents who were so busy burying their faces into film magz.An old lady was sitting next to me and I amazed in wonder... this would be the way our respected and adored senior Veena would look like when she grows old i said.
End of part one

Chandlerism:"Could we get some help here??? It's kind of an emergency. But I guess you knew that, or else we'd be in the Predicament Room!!"

Whats on my mind....
Travel back home!! yessssss!!! new abode.......cranberries still("You're a dream to me...dream to me... ")......confusion over next sem courses, which sadly spills over to confusion about my life in general

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