Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hols of colours so dark.....part 2

From Kolakata i returned to nagpur and monsoon had already settled there.It was mainly responsible for the dark ambience of the days and places to come.Except pilani rain followed us everywhere.....nasik,tryambakeshwar,goa.
love how green lookes greener in rains,the black stones of tryambakeshwar temple were completely washed with rains,so also were the ones under our bare feet.

Goa was the darkest part of my summer.Rains were in front of my eyes,so also were the signs of the rains in the uncounted years in the past.Brown or red coloured kavelus made up the sloping roofs of almost all the buildings.Black walls covered with ferns and mosses bore the testimony of incessant rains.I remember the times when heavy,black clouds covered all of the sky.I felt this anxiety,wondering when will the rains start.As if the rains were just held up due to some reason up in the clouds.Anytime now they would come down with loud thunder. The dark green vegetations were upon slopes,on the sides of the roads,behind small churches,in the gardens of small houses.They collaborated together to form dark spaces among themselves.I remember the dark shade under a thick and congested bunch of stunted trees and shrubs behind a small church.It seemed to have some sort of introvert,serious life of its own.I imagined it ignored me but knew fully well that i had noticed its existence,among the thick leaves dancing in the thin wind.

And i remember dark spaces in the dimly lit yellow rooms of the kavelu covered small homes.I just had their glimpse as i was going by a bus from the college campus to vasco.A child was playing outside the house and i saw his mother moving inside.I saw the rooms through iron bars in the small windows.I was amazed how i could connect with that house,felt curious and imagined what must be going on in there. After it has just rained in the evening,its very cool everywhere and its so much fun for the kid to miss the puddles while playing.the floor of the house is tiled with black uneven square stones.I remember how its soft,uneven,cool surface feels to your bare feet.really long time since i have been to such place.Mother prepares the dinner and calls her son inside.There is a narrow rectangular room lit with a single bulb with chulha on half the length and people sit along the length on the cool floor.Food always seems delicious on the banana leaves,as the kid jokes to his mother about occasional drop of water leaking right above his head.

The end.
all six are supposed to go to joey's play....
holding the duck n the chick in his hands,entering monica's room,"can u take the duck and the chick to the theatre?"
"of course not"
"okay,i just wanted them to hear it from somebody else"

"today my boss kept slapping my butt and acting like it wasnt a big deal"
"i dont understand guys,i mean i wont congratulate monica on a great stew by u know grabbin her boob?"
"yeah,..i know..for a really great stew..u just ...stick your head between them."

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