Sunday, August 21, 2005

i hate cliche,just doesnt seem larger than life. was 2 30 in the morning vk corridor and a cliche just flowed out of my mouth so easily and naturally.i felt like i was imparting wisdom,i felt great the very moment i had done friend thoughtfully responded and i inflated.great! i had the upper hand! it was not like i had reached upon any great discovery but i said something in a way that made me look like an feet started aching,....we decided that was enough...i was ambling my way to my room in bhag,.....sleep just lingering in my spine .....wondering what i had just said.....and suddenly i regretted having done that.....just advising someone on a matter remotely related to our college lives.....hated myself to have sounded like a preacher....when i can precisely calculate how much i practice.its very unnecesary,at a wrong time wrong place....a fruitless effort.
i want to keep cliche far away from my life, but sometimes it just surfaces in me as if it was there since eternity.sometimes i just want to go within,need to feel my thoughts flow in my head,fly away from the crowd far far away...want to walk on unknown streets when i dont have to say "hi!" with a smile to every other that walks by.someplace where no one knows me.i am just exhausted of all this.this just doesnt seem to lead anywhere.its just a necessity of following a trend.i need the independence of doing stuff in seclusion,no judgements no questions no clarifications which add up to void,nothing but artificial and fruitless implementation of rituals.


Czarina Aks said...

Perhaps cliche is the doorway to ur more original thoughts.. afterall, we r never 100% original.. wat we pride upon as our own unblemished ideas might just be a million cliches pieced together to look different.. & we go on fooling ourselves..

Christoph H. said...

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