Saturday, July 16, 2005

Gen Ramblings.......with a nostalgia

Sometimes the things happening to me remind me of a nice song that i heard not so long ago.So amazingly similar as if it was meant to be.Things had to happen that way.As if it was written somwhere that it will definitely happen........... and again, it reminds you of a book. You think why and there is no perfect answer.Things just fall into place.You still dont have any control over them.Sometimes its scary.Sometimes it isnt.
Three.Split into three.Well one wonders if its sad or parting should mean bad news.But sometimes situations sit in a null category.You just cannot categorize stuff.Also I believe people have this strong urge to put men,situations and places into categories.Name them.Judge them.I suppose we love to live in a stereotypical world,with heroes,jerks,jokers,intellectuals,airheads,mahatmas,GODs,fans,flirts,spoiled brats,and what not around us.Every man has his story.People may never fall into particular class.I admit once I was guilty of calling someone Govinda.I felt that strong urge to propagate what all people say,though I was not fully sure of it.

So yes,I will live in a hostel for the first time in my life.Well, lots can be said and predicted,and lots has already been advised.But the place remains the same, the good old place of my dreams.I dont know how many more colours of this place i will get to see.To tell about this place is not the job to be done at a blogspot.No,even another blog wont suffice.As the "rediscovered" friend of mine would testify that putting into words the meaning of life at this place is next to impossible.But with the changing circumstances my life at this very place.......oh my god.My heart just fills up with a feeling of nostalgia.I give out a sigh.I change.This place changes and there is just nothing that i can do.Hell, i get poetic sometimes.......
then a rash and sick voice screams at me from the back of my mind..... "CAT ke liye ghot ch***ye!!!......&*%%$ #$^# marvayega kya!!".....yup thts my own voice.Damn the hostel language now......
P.S:Gen remembered a dialogue from F.R.I.E.N.D.S....Monica says to Rachel"if you're gonna be rational all the time then I cannot argue with you."

What's on my mind.....
Dreams by Cranberries.....Goa baby! childhood.

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