Monday, April 16, 2007


I have started eating outside here in bangalore. the food doesnt seem to get any better over here in the mess. so i started scouting and found chaat place nearby. for the past three days i have tried all the dishes he had to offer. the pani puri was good. i get so much less for 10 bucks! alas that was bajaj nagar road in nagpur this is thipsandra in bangalore. that was 6 years ago! i used to love the burp after a dahi puri which cost just ten bucks. i used to get such a plateful, this thing which i got for 15 bucks was bland and quite mild, chillywise i mean. today i checked out dahi samosa which was much better. curd was thick and not sweet, samosas were freshly fried and crisp.
good food is bliss. i found my bliss one freezing winter morning in pilani. it was 8 am. my probability and statistics class got cancelled. so i headed to the cafeteria. the mild and milky sun was filtering through the neem leaves and me fully covered in the woolens was hungry. i remember the practically empty IC (insti cafeteria).
steaming hot idli sambhar made my day. i have never ever had a better breakfast in my entire life.i have no words to describe what that single idli did to me.
mind you, the quality of food in the ic too hasnt always been consistent. yes, i admit that i was lucky that day.the timing was perfect, early morning the food is absolutely fresh, the most important thing, sambhar was very well made. i love, love, loooooove the little red dal sort of pieces which occur in the idli which is served over there in ic. you feel very satisfied with just one idli (which you get for 4 bucks) the second one actually makes me a bit too full. after that its coffe for the winters and for summers its the heavenesque shikanji (sweet lemon juice).
how will i ever forget pilani, this was just one of the things which clasps me so hard to that place. the stories of my childhood in that that place are far too many and indescribable.
i love south indian food. i love the sambhar which my mother makes. the taste of sambhar changes so much from place to place that i am very much disappointed. the sweet ones i tasted in delhi and pune, a bland one i tasted right here in bang, just across the street from my hostel.......why why why, in the name of hell are the chefs all over the country are hell bent to ruin this blessing of god?seriously i will never get better sambhar than the one my mother makes. or of course better than the one Malathi aunty and Poonkuzhali Tai make.

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