Sunday, April 08, 2007

I feel sick........

Today was such a fine sunday. Now its a depression.
It started out like every other beautiful sunday, bright sunshine, fine breeze, slow hours of leisure. I live in a spacious building, lots of air and sunshine flows in unobstructed.
All I wanted was good food. Could we please not have red/brown/orange or all these in one coloured pulpy masala gravy curries for the battered palate? I knew it was coming my way before I went downstairs for lunch. sigh. My stomach is upset. Please dont try to make north indian food. I dont mind idli sambhar,dosa or utthappa. i really don't. but bland oily curries with rubbery maida chapattis are playing havoc with me. i am at my wit's end. I am not healthy.all the time i feel like there's something wrong with my stomach. I feel uncomfortable all the time.
Since yesterday night i wanted to blog. there was no wifi since morning. passing the day without the net was yet another torture.
I couldnt eat more than 3 chapattis and was hungry 2 hours later.
i got another item of a roomie. we dont talk much. well, really not at all. Its far less than the amount i used to talk with the one i had during my internship at GRASIM. Its the nutcases like him that put me off. Please never try to tell me what to do and what not to do. Please dont try to kill me of suffocation by closing all the doors and windows of the room! all the time! Please dont hiss under your breath "oh shit" 24 times a day. superficial concern for perfection.
I am socially unfit. Last week I had yet another bout of misanthropy. felt like blasting cowdung at the faces of the people around me.
I realised that my behaviour in the face of competition changed radically. yes, its very positive most of the times but sometimes i am not able to control my temper. at the PDW (personality development workshop) i almost blasted smokergirl. she was absolutely aghast! "why are you yelling at me!!" ...gosh, we lost the last PDW exercise. i was in a state of numbness. i will probably be able to put the video of this exercise; my friend siezed the opportunity and recorded it on his mobile.

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