Sunday, May 20, 2007

An update on my life...

Work expands.
Thats the worst thing about life, i can see that happening. The first week of the second term of my MBA is over. Two assignments to finish by 25th and I have much free time, i think I can say that. And I have been listening to too many songs and thinking about a sad story I heard a few days ago.
Do you believe in the lines you have on your hands? What if you knew the time you are gonna die?
I was very sad last week, even if it (the story) had not much to do with me. I felt such gloom spread over my days, and a real first in my life that I was feeling so sad for someone else.
Ok, lets not talk about it too much.
So I have made, what can be termed the third most important decision of my life, I am specializing in Information Systems.
What do I wanna do in my life? I will end up in academics, sure I can feel it in my guts right now. But first, gotta earn money. And though, not many thoughts stay in my mind so long, this one says that it would be really great if i could retire at the age of 40.

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Jammy said...

just to give you other side of dying i would recommend that you read this months reader's digest.
it has a story of person whom doctors gave chance for 3 weeks and he went on to live for 6 years.