Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ye pet nahin koonwan hai

Either that or the mess food sucks big time OR God save my appetite...

It was just another evening in Nagda ..i had my dinner with two of my PS mates ....had 4 rotis I guess with chole ...ya man its first time I am eating chole with rotis ..anyway we had our dinner and I had gone to my room...was just doing my stuff ...till 9 in the night until Monu barges into my room ...wearing a white Hutch T shirt (which he got for free from the Hutch stall during oasis .in some basky kinda game ..poor hutch guys dinn know he was the basky team captain :P)and shorts, completely drenched in sweat and badminton racquet in his hand..

" ...played like mad today man ..cant eat here now! left over here must taste awful at this late hour have to accompany me to the dhaba ...right now..come on ..lets go!"

"NO way dude I ve already had my dinner.."

"not asking you to eat ..just give me company over there."

"I cant just look at you and truckwalas while you eat PBM and those delicious rotis! "

"then you too can eat if you want"

"No man I don't think I can eat again"

"O plz plz plz!."

"O no no no!!."

"o come on man you know the food is great out there....lets go.."

"its 9 rt now the time we reach there it l be 9 35 or so .and by the time we will have food in front of us it ll be 10 10-15 stomach will be fucked be ...and then we ll probably be back by 11 or so and..."


"...well okay ..there isn't anything worthwhile in my life to do I guess ill go there"

and so we went on feet down the dark and dreary and dusty awful road to a dhaba ....and by the time we reached the tin tappar dhaba .my stomach probably made some space by itself for PBM I guess or what heavenly force made us order 2 plates PBM (Oh ya thts Paneer Butter Masala) my utter surprise i ordered one more plate of PBM which we shared among us I ended up eating 10 delicious butter rotis more (a yumyum yum)......amazingly so.

And guess what ..the next day we got stipend so we were just too glad tht we had money so we again ended up on the same dhaba.

but out here ...there arent many good places to eat ....maybe later on ill do a ps1 vs ps2 analysis...foodwise.

Current Music: Lucky Ali-Sifar..!! that smmooooth heavenly voice is back in my head God bless Lucky Ali ...i have listened to and revered every single song that he has sung ..i seriously think his songs are waaay beyond the appreciation of the indian audiences ...i dunno why but somehow i do.I wish I had songs of his other albums mostly Aks (the album i mean) which had more romantic ones...someone plz go tell hi to make more songs!!! these ...though i have to admit the lyrics seem OHT more than often...

Musafir ko mile raasta
Zamane ko mile waasta..


Gaurav said...

This is a very common story that reverbates throughout the campuses. Fed up with whatever crap the mess serves most are forced to find solace elsewhere. We had options before till 2 a.m. but now a sleek new IT park(or whatever that is....i mean who cares when one eats in the vicinity) is open 24 cross 7. And one gets everything even at really silly times. So I end up stuffing junk (that's what ppl refer it to :) ) at 4-5 a.m. And yes this pet is a definte koonwan ................. no wonder obesity is a growing concern. high time someone conducts a research and sentences these mess-messers to life without parole........

Nike said...

ya man ..but in my case i think i am growing thin rather than obese stuffing all the junk from the dhaba ...even after eating the paneer swimming in the jillion litres of red oil