Saturday, March 18, 2006

Current Mood: Pissed ......still.

But for less trivial reasons this time around.
Why is my blood boiling?

1: Justin Berry:It all started on the holiday - HOLI day and i had nothing to do ...i could have slept but no i had to turn on the tv and watch Oprah interview a dude named Justin Berry which kicked off in my mind a sick whirlwind of sorts.Read about him, if you must, here

2: Shobha : Next day I got ample of internet time coz 3 outta 6 of us guys had gone home so noone was on the comp.And i reached Shobha's blog from Pooja's and read her(and others' even worse)story.I have linked her on both my blogs.These stories (Justin's and shobha's) make me sad as much as they enrage me.
Read the particular article here

3:Manadel al Jamadi- And today i read( a bit too late) about al jamadi and this isnt the snap i saw in the TIME (old issue,the GRASIM club library had loads of em heaped like junk) mag,in tht snap it was just his son and his eyes were shut with grief,which had a sickening effect on me.
He shall live a life of a loser,rot in the deserts of uncertainty and weakness and impotence.You lost your father to a bunch of whackos,kid....macho hunks and men and women of such courage ...they had so much fun with is body,froze it like candy and had a gala time with his corpse on the camera.You are destined to rot in this hell kid,you have no future.
the wiki article

4:one other thing i cant name but hell lot worse than these,and unfortnately on the same lines......sigh..

One other line i read in TIME review of the book Two Lives.This is one of the concluding lines of the book...

Behind every door, on every ordinary street, in every hut in every ordinary village on this middling planet of a trivial star such riches are to be found.
-Vikram Seth

Sir,i opened a door of a house in a shady street in an Indian small town which was not very different from the small suburbs of the big cities and know what i found? teachers,lawyers doctors fathers engineers ...seemingly ordianry people which a genial smile on their faces ..interacting with children girls and boys and other people in general with a caring pretence.They had demons in their heads.The alley that leads to such houses is very dark Mr Seth.Apparently very VERY normal people turned out to be psychopaths and paedophiles.And this world is turning out to be much more murkier place and i see no light in this hellhole.A total catastrophe.

And some trivial things which make me awfully irritable these days

1 Asha Bhosle - What the fuck is wrong with her? Go grandma stay in your house and enjoy the respect you have gained over the decades with hard work.Dont go on losing it on MTV dancing on 1 2 cha cha cha.... i think some people no matter how old,or of what status need to be taught some lessons ....some like her dont know when to stop and accept the fact that your time in the limelight is over.Havent you heard of dignified exit in tennis?
2 Himesh Reshammia - the black capped dog goes ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo huzoooooooooooooooooooooooor on every channel.
3 A new smokey smokerson around me...
4 My awful new haircut.
5 The fact that people around me fuss about food ..i mean just the second the food arrives on the table Monu goes "Ye bhi koi khana hai!" tht fucker! i could have just slapped him then and there coz he totally ruined my appetite...ugh!!

And NO! I havent yet seen Rang De Basanti so i wont say "I'm a Rebel!!" and am yet to "Lose Control" ..coz of the fact that i am stuck in yet another creepy tiny town without a decent cinema theatre or a cd rental....just gotta wait for Aug i guess till i am off to Mumbai!! ..hmm..ok..

Current Music : Pure Indipop to cool off my head- Dil Samandar....dooba dooba dooba dooba dooba dooba dooba dooba.......................(infinite loop)
from Garam Masala


Luna Lovegood said...

I feel sick!

Nike said...

...and i'm like bombarded with such stuff from all sides ....or maybe i'm looking into it deliberately or what..*puzzled*