Thursday, April 06, 2006


Ricky and saikat join my friends list this week ....just glad that the gang members are waking upto blogspot ...and Sandheer has also started it seems but i wont link him until i get to know that he's gonna blog regularly and not just leave the blog with just one snap of his (sandheer rulz hfjsgf!!... get out!!) ....
sigh! i wish i was with my friends on their trip to goa aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhh!!!! damn damn damn!!!...i hate myself!!! ohhh i so so soooooo wish i was there.
Anyway, gotta get back to quant.

current music: Bhagere Man -Chameli , sunidhi chauhan's voice is heavan man, cant believe it ...amazing ...does listening to this song make me a bit girly? i think so, so i switch to Ya ali- Gangster, damn cool song.
Current passion: My story, i love love love writing it! ..and i seem to be thinking about it maniacally and the sentences play in my head like an AR Rehman song..ahh heavenly bliss.

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