Sunday, February 19, 2006

Current Music

Ode to my family:Cranberries
One last breath:Creed
A New day has come:Celine Dion
Heal the World:Michael Jackson

I wrote a little something here

Current Goddess: Lisa Kudrow - Phoebe Buffay - Regina Felangy.


Gaurav said...

well I have been listening to the bottom three of your current music..........gotta listen the cranberries album but i end up playing Zombie...........
As far as your lisa kudrow stuff goes on I remember a certain princess consueala (or somethin similar) which was dropped after a certain someone went with crap bag.......... that jus goes on to prove that I have become a jobless idiot spending quality time over watching sitcoms again and again ........ :)

Nike said...

ya man i LOVE zombie ..been listening to it for past 3 years seems as good as of the songs make you feel at peace each of these songs concludes ..i feel amazingly energized :) ...and nobody beats me at watching each FRIENDS episode a million times over man..ya the one you're talking about is in 10th season when she renames herself as Princess Consuela Bannanahamick and then to teach her a lesson Mike names himself Crap Bag hehe..