Friday, July 11, 2008


i have tried hard not sound like i m complaining.
on the monday, two weeks ago, my bosses, g and h call our team for a meeting.
"is it good news?"
"of course its good news"

i will never forget how their faces seemed. g had a mischievous smile. and he was pacing a bit swiftly. h was not letting any expression slip out much from her face. i think she was thinking a lot and was making calculated communication.

from july g and h are going to be the premium partners of our company. my bosses are leaving the company and forming their own company. they will be doing pretty much the same job, selling the same software but that just wont be done being in the same company.
the location of my company office is going to change from infantry road to hebbal. i am looking for place to live near hebbal. i was got this place near infantry rd in may. no i cannot commute from viveknagar to hebbal. i answered this question far too many times in my head.

on 3rd july i came to know that my dad had urinary tract infection and is admitted in hospital. he had fever and low bp. diabetes and a heart attack 7 years ago dictated caution. i went home over the weekend. i lost my mobile phone.

a from my team has left the company. s was taken into their company by G n H. from august new associated directors shall be in place. new teams. anything is possible.

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