Monday, June 16, 2008

the sunday before yesterday was very memorable, jeevi n rekha madam came to meet me at my place. i showed them my little "casa de nike" (yeah i borrowed that from joey, die hard friends fans shall recall).
we had lunch at "grameen" rural ambience, north indian food. really good food. authentic. then the proverbial "shopping" followed, which was a first for me. then on, my first salary has been thoroughly drenched, exhausted, squeezed, sucked, squashed out of all the crevices and pores of my pockets. rekha madam and jeevi gifted me a t shirt!!! (then i bought two for myself). the place is the Forum mall in kormangala.
i think i live in the epicentre of the axis of shopping, eating and money spending. from viveknagar (where lies my 1 room kitchen) garuda mall, forum mall, bangalore central, hyderbadi biryani, blossoms book house, higgin bothams, oasis mall, empire hotel and other places that i havent visited yet are equidistant and 10 minutes ride from my place.
anyway, we saw sarkar raj which we shouldnt have.
i am a patient man, very very patient man. and i have two ladies to certify that. while they are talking hard on the colours and quality of cloth in westside i was patiently observing what they were doing; and on other times i was on the lookout for birds. and the other times i captured the ladies on the camera.

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