Monday, July 14, 2008

If you know it or not...... doesnt make a difference.

Jaane tu, yaa jaane na.
it was a very real and intelligent movie. not mushy mushy n emotional at all as i had suspected. after seeing the film i realized that there really hadnt been much depicted about what people felt as opposed to what people did and behaved and affected lives of others. that is very real and true and someone needed to put that on film. much part of the film is comedy. and it works! its a heady mix of old and new actors. comedy relies in calculated amounts on the oldies - ratna pathak, naseeruddin shah (cool couple in film as wel as in real life) and paresh rawal, while the group of youngsters is funny and cute. good choice of young actors. they look like people next door. very real and they speak without pretense. though lack of finish shows a little bit in the dancing but thats okay, they smile very sweetly.
the good thing is its not a one sided affair. the diro abbas tyrewala who has also written the dialogues and lyrics doesnt focus on a same concept in all the scenes. there are sub plots which are very independent and interesting yet connected with the main theme (guy-girl - good friends - care for each other - never know if its love until .....) its amazing to see that each and every character has a story ..... so a very intelligently written story by abbas.
the film doesnt sound loud in the sense it doesnt boast of being too much in love with the story it is trying to tell. its not intense in its depiction of love or friendship or how sweet n cute these group of young people are. the story and the turn of events speak louder than the characters or the music....... the music! how many times has it happened that a r rahman's music was too good while the movie bombed? i think thats happened a lot. here a r rahman does the work only when he requires to. pappu cant dance, nazrein milana, Kahin To Hogi Woh, are hummable yet arent exceptional. the jazz drums wala song Tu Bole, Main Boloon sets such an amazing tone to the film that its nostalgic. Aditi doesnt need words to describe.
i looooooved the movie. can see it again. wont need any company.
still havent seen the room in hebbal. the new office feels good. the changes now smell exciting as oppsed to the dismal. still too many loose ends to tie. need courage for that.


Ridhima said...

Bang on! Youth rulez over fantasy :) Awsume movie and imraan is definetly cuter than hritik look alike harman. And ofcourse the music by A R Rehman was notches above Anu Malik's. I throughly enjoyed the movie and its music.Sign up on Planet Radio City to get all the latest info about ur fav music and singer/composer. Also get lyrics and meet others who like your kinda music. Spread the word about your favourite music.

Nearly-Headless Nike said...

i got excited to see that some "Ridhima" whom i dont know has commented on my blog. ..... sigh....

Anonymous said...

Hey nike watched the movie while in kolhapur for mandar's wedding reception. Me too loved the movie. Though not an out n out blockbuster but no complaints. Its entertaining throughout ..

Nearly-Headless Nike said...

hey i thought mandar n renuka were getting married in nagpur.... or are they having it in both nagpur and kolhapur? .... or is this mandar kulkarni you are talking about? .... and i totally forgot about renuka's wedding man ... she did invite me but its impossible for me to take leave coz i m still in probation period in my job. glad you liked the movie :)