Sunday, February 03, 2008

i just now remembered the movie swades. the memory of good movies is super. the music of ar rahman makes me feel the cool breeze, bright sunshine, green landscapes. authentic movies come by rarely. what i dont understand is that why does every movie need to have the hero fall in love with a beautiful woman. even the best and well made movies with a powerful message as in the movie swades, has the hero falling in love. cant they consider the possibilty that the movie has no love story. the message of entrepreneurship and love of the motherland should have overshadowed the love story. because the message deserves undivided attention from the filmmakers to make the impact on the audience.

Update: lets talk about realism. swades is an awesome movie. but if it talks of the real situation of our country its not realistic on the human front. mohan and gita are two strong personalities. why is it that they will surely fall in love? in real life shit happens. the finest of the young people never get along. the best of the entrepreneurs, managers, life saving doctors, benevolent evangelists, are gonna have shitty personal lives and broken relationships. i watched too much dr. house a month ago and while watching i got this feeling "life is unfair and genuinely impartial. and that is usual"
or maybe i m not so much concerned about swades, its just my current state of mind.

I have understood that there is a world of difference between doing business successfully and doing a profitable business. creating value for your customers is not every business's ball game. earning money, amassing wealth has nothing to do with creating value.
two of my friends have started blogging. i m not permitted to disclose one url, the other one is this. welcome moi3.


Arpit Kumar Gupta said...

great combination nike "the cool breeze, bright sunshine, green landscapes". it feels good even to imagine all this. keep going, buddy.

Amit Gawande said...

don't worry nike... atleast now Bollywood is up for a 'ladyless' movie. See dhamal, Johnny Gaddar, TZP ...
v r surely far ahead of the 90's level .. that was all about hero-heroine-love-villain-lust-dishum bhadam-country-... put in whatever you want.. its the end at last both for movies and r interest :P

Nearly-Headless Nike said...

check out the update..
@ arpit, thanx a lot for appreciating dost, :)
@ amit, :) yeah things do seem to be changing...... but the innovative ones like jonny gaddar sdly suffer losses. thanx a lot for the comment :D