Friday, March 14, 2008

I now live near K R Puram Bus stand. The bus stand does not exist.
Every time i am waiting for the bus i am under the threat of being run over by the bus, mini bus, truck, mini truck, autorickshaw, motorcyclists, vegetable vendors and many more high speed heavy machines which are running. the road disappears into the dust and people like me are standing at the side only to be shooed by these big guys. for the fear of being run over we run helter skelter.
there is no place safe which is meant for people to stand and wait for the bus, a place where any vehicle cannot go. apart from the fact that buses come to this place there is no other sign which indicates that this place is a bus stand.
but why am i complaining? life is good now. but as always i complain and doubt.
have been religiously reading black swan when i get a seat in the bus and the bus is stuck in the notorious bangalore traffic. this book is life changing. many ideas corroborated with what i had learnt in landmark education. Corroboration! Now that is something to learn about from this book! check it out to understand what i mean.

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Amit Gawande said...

Well written fact right at the top of the post nike. Can understand your pain n dubiety ..