Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Randy Pausch, the Tigger.

I have been besotted by Randy Pausch. the speech is mind boggling.
the complete last lecture is here

shorter versions are here
(On Oprah Winfrey show)
(he is ABC's person of the week)
(on CNBC)

his home page

at the end of one of these interviews he says "I like living" and that is from the mouth of a person who is going to die in the matter of weeks. that was the defining moment for me, when all his words made a synergy, a whole new meaning, when for a second my heart stopped beating and i thought every living moment is a gift.
i thought at the end of the oprah winfrey show he had become feeble when he mentioned his children.
i think his story is remarkably similar to richard feynman's.


Arpit Kumar Gupta said...

sorry for the late comment here, nike. I loved the video. This guy so close to his end, appears to be so full of life. The chemotherapy doesn't seem to have slowed him down. No regrets at the end. He has fulfilled his childhood dreams. Embracing the death with smiling soul. Just great!!

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