Thursday, December 21, 2006

Honey,we fu**ed our world.

yeah honey, its all going down.
the case of medical injustice in Libya is shameless.A petition of 100 nobel laureates could not save them from death sentence.There was no epidemiological proof that they were responsible for the outbreak of HIV virus. Now tell me, why would doctors be willing to travel to such countries voluntarily? thus such countries would further their own isolation.

Next thing i read in today's newspapers is that iraq govt is making public the execution of men. 'making public' is horrendous !Iraqi government will provide video footage of the executions to national and international media. Men wearing their uniform of death, their heads covered at the gallows. 'Making public' means anyone cane see it, even your 8 year old, honey. And all will know that how ruthless world has remained, because these are all the atrocities of our world history all over again.
gosh, i am hit again by such mood, last time it was due to a different perversion of mankind.

I am shivering as i recall what i saw online three years ago. First there was an anonymous appeal on an orkut community (yeah, orkut, the same place we use for cheesy indulgences) to sign an online petition to save his/her relative being executed in iran, in public by throwing stones. then the anonymous dude laid a link in that post to where it was shown how its done. And bloody yes i saw the whole thing. hundreds of people gather to watch someone die so cruelly. somewhere in their heart maybe they like this cruelty. Poor thing is covered from head to toe in white cloth and loud prayers from the speaker are said before he is buried into the ground upto his neck. then stoned. i cannot bear to recall anymore.
Its bullshit. 'making public' is akin to spreading this poison that you have in your own head. what conviction of devil do you have in your head when you walk up to a ground to watch someone die as he is getting stoned to death? "Hey,lets go see how that guy is getting stoned to death,its nice to see the blood frow from the head of a guy buried in the ground totally helpless!!"you love to see it dontchya?

life seems fucked up people, there is no compassion left in this world.

PS. would any of those devout followers of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar want to travel in Deccan Queen? ever? I would like to see their faces when they do.

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Luna Lovegood said...

I really think that some political party might have been behind the Dalits incident. I can't believe actual normal people are capable of such violence.