Saturday, December 09, 2006

A good year

A quick post, I watched "A Good year". And I dont care what film critics say,they are "wankers", I feel that its one of the better films of this year. It solved a few problems for me.Ah, well I just dont keep from problems do I? but it changed my perspective. I love life like that. It doesnt mean that one must follow Max skinner and skit off to a life of clamness, but its a question of maturity. I remembered the punchline of the movie all the time I watched the movie("Everything matures,eventually") and in the end learned how max skinner has matured, and the aweful tasting wine of La Siroque is just a metaphor.After the film I felt such an urge of well being,I said to myself,there's nothing more important in life than family, friends, love, the people that care about you the most, let go of the trivial matters!! I called my parents and then my best friend and then talked just about anything for a long time on the phone.

You would say i am crazy but i believe the smile of russell crowe in the poster is about maturity. Its like saying "I understand, I dont mind" sheer satisfaction and immunity to any doubt, self-doubt or otherwise. This movie is magical.
This week has rather been enlightening. The gyan:
1. Words are deceptive purveyors of truth. Dont cling to thiem, try to see through them, that requires maturity. (Dont say that the word which once left your tongue can never be taken back)
2. So let go of the pain caused by the words, people dont mean what they say always, all the more when their blood is boiling. (read maturity)
3. Forgive them. they wont ask for it but you have to somewhere they love you too (read maturity again)
4. Do what you love, very very crucial, its never too late, joy begets joy, and if fate asks you to do something you dont like then take pains to make it likeable, loveable, try to see through the crap and imagine it to be something related to what you love. its all part of the same system (the alchemist)

...and now a great song to groove to! dont mind the fat lady people! she sings heaven! and the tabla is heavenly fluid,(God, a millionth time, WHY DID I STOP LEARNING TABLA!! *sobs*)


Luna Lovegood said...

Ok, I am gonna sound monotonous...but pls pray tell me who is singing , what album and what language?

nike_envydee said...

:D ... i dont much know myself about the song which i put here,above on youtube , all i know is that in hindi its copied as "ya ali" i heard its a kuwaiti band,guitara....all i know is that its awesome!! ....i mean even i cant undestand it! obviously! ...btw there is one more "tere mere saath" by lucky ali in autoplay on filelodge down below :P