Saturday, December 18, 2010

in life good things are very rare. Interestingly they can be abundant too. It depends on your point of view. The thing is life is full of uncertainties. I believe in that. The chaos, the absence of rules, the improbability, randomness and sometimes unfair and ruthlessness of life and nature. its scary. and its unavoidable. It is so scary and every decision we take we stare at darkness and wonder if we can have faith in something..... something. our gut instincts, god, parents, friends. So randomly we stumble on good and bad things. I recently had a feeling after watching Band Baaja Baarat(BBB) that there is this abundant amount of happiness and love and joy and energy in store in life. Its all out there. Its such a delicate matter. Even as i type this my perspective is walking along a very thin edge. I say its matter of perspective. To be happy and find contentment. Once we have that point of view we can see the abundance.

.. but it's hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing it all at once, and it's too much, my heart fills up like a balloon that's about to burst..

Was Lester Burnham or the writer Alan Ball from American Beauty talking about this? this very same feeling that i got when I saw a particular scene in BBB? perhaps...
Nikhilesh you take movies too seriously. They are just movies- thats all and nothing more. but nothing seems real. nothing lasts and nothing is worth keeping faith in. real people are as dramatic as filmi characters and just as unpredictable. so whats the harm in deriving pleasure from the film characters? its all maya. (You seriously lack social interaction niks.)
So I love this movie. in a way that i have never loved a hindi movie before. not even dev d which i cut open and it cut my brain open. This one left me with a little pain. I felt sad, i dont know how to describe this feeling. A little miserable. shruti kakkar and bittu sharma had so much life to them that the movie did not seem to contain it. maybe the pain had something to do with loss of innocence. it had for me elements of friendship, cuteness .... things that have nothing to do with sex. but when the story took the turn towards the conflict, it kills me. there is something raw about them when they fight. the rustic delhi style is of course delicious("Aur bhai Bittoo!?") but that probably has given me the pain i was talking about.
ok i seriously feel there was so much more to the relationship of bittu and shruti. director maneesh sharma showed tremendous promise with the first half but somehow wrapped up pretty quickly in the second half.the song dum dum wasnt even half as good as avain avain. again its painful to see anushka wearing that dress. the end was an anticlimax. i hoped we could see them working together in love - they never do that in the film - they re either working as friends or as rivals but never as a couple in love. what i wouldnt give to see that. maybe maneesh sharma wanted to show how the girl helped shape an aimless loafer like bittoo. in the end again its what bittoo wants - she shouldnt marry chetan because bittoo loves her. but why didnt bittoo apologise in the first place.i wish we could see shruti hurting more than what was depicted. after the break up the characters become caricatures. they are not themselves anymore. anushka had a good scene with the mirror - that was the pivotal scene of the film and kudos to her for that. she has amazing acting talent - we may have in her a comedienne too. a rarity in bollywood.
ok i cant write anymore

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