Thursday, May 04, 2006

"Oye Bhain de Takke!!"

"Ek pair past mein to doosra future mein daal ke baithe hain, islye to aaj par moot rahe hain"- DJ (Aamir Khan)
"Tumhare maa ki aankh"- Sue (Alice Patton)
the dialogues which touched the hearts of millions ..ok not all the millions but those like me who would rather like to talk like that.
I saw RDB!!
better late than never really..I mean there are bad days and there are good days but I didnt know they came absolutely one after the other ...this movie totally perked me up(from the sad mood of which previous post bears the testimony)- and made my hair stand on an end- a mini post mortem of the movie - wont write much but lotsa fotos!

People who rocked-
Aamir khan - DJ- obb..
- Sidhdarth - THE Dude!!
- Sue - Alice Patton- cute hindi talking brit
- Prasoon Joshi - the dialogues and the lyrics rock!! ....I am his fan I mean he is an MBA working for coke and writes amazing lyrics and hindi literature - thats the stuff.
- The misc- ARR - the diro - ROM- The story writer - Kamlesh pandey - two thums up to all of them ..and most brilliant- photography- binod pradhan - four thumbs up to him
sequences i loved -
- the salute to amar jawan and India Gate with the rap on Paathshala
- the falling down choreography on Khalbali
- the dhaba
- the climax

RDB trivia (by Nike the nagpuri deshpande)
which book was DJ (Aamir khan) reading/ had in his hand in the song tu bin bataye, just before he wraps his jacket around sue?
Answer - Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

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