Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The last day.

I was hardly done with my packing. I had just written the diary of Arpit and was still unsure if I had done justice with it. I was sitting on a bed on which thousand things were spread. I had gone to the mess before in the evening and had dinner. Jassi, Piyush, Joe, Dallu had gone to C'not to eat but I couldnt because I had this huge packing to undertake. And I was losing my nerve. Suddenly I realised that I didnt have any locks for the trunk. I called Jassi and asked him to get locks for me from C'not. Then I continued with packing at which, honestly, I suck. At 10 45 or so the guys came to my room and were shocked to see the situation. Then Jassi scolded me for the locks as well. Then those guys helped with the packing. I seriously think without them I dont know what I would have done. Piyush taught me about the punglis of papers which he had thrown out of my trunk along with copies and registers. Then we had an awful time with the computer cabinet and monitor. It started freezing in the night. Then we were done by 12 and called the courier service truck and they took all my luggege. By 12 30 I was done with the courier service payment etc. Then I had to get a seat for myself in the next morning's student's union bus. So I went to talk to the guy.
Then I went to 256 Vishwakarma Bhawan for the night out.Jassi, me, Piyush, Joe were up all night talking.We came to know that Madu (Abhishek Agrawal, who was on the same bus as I was) has a fever. He wasnt done with his packing had was having a sound sleep.We talked and talked and talked. All the stuff that we usually do I guess. That night seems to me so dark, as if the darkest night I ever seen. I tried to be as normal as possible. At 5 30 or so in the morning we slept. Were woken up by Madu at 7 who by then was feeling better and had done all his packing. I had my breakfast in the mess. Went to my room took a bucket full of plastic bathroom accessories to give it away to my trusted rediwala - Munnaji. Then I took my suitcase and stuff and left the room unlocked. A sweeper appeared out of nowhere and started cleaning that room whch used to be mine and started looking for some stuff i might have leftwhich he could find useful. I left the room and headed towards the exit of the hostel On my way I met Rahul Hedau and he smilingly hugged me and and we bid adieu. Two guyswho were my so called wingies smiled at me. I didnt knw them personally but being in the same wing we somehow were linked I guess. They said goodbyes to me.
I remember that chill in the air. The sunshine at 7 45...pale and silvery yellow, and the neem leaves had such electricity in them like they always had.
I headed for the bus and tried not to think too much.
I wished I could go with all the guys. But I had to leave early.While all left the next day. On 12 th of Dec 2005, I left Pilani. Of all the people I never thought I would travel out of this place with Madu (gived the bitter things of the past).
All the people reached there - Ricky, Jassi, Joe, Piyush, Anurag, to say goodbyes. Jassi had written my diary just while walking upto the bus from the hostel. Madu was talking with Nazneen. We waited till the bus left, and till then people advised me to be careful while travelling in a bus and not to poke my hand out of the window during the journey. And then it was time.I tried not to look outside from the windows.

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