Monday, December 05, 2005

So I can say for sure that this is my last sem out here.... finally got Practice School ...a place called Nagda,...of which I had no idea whatsoever.... funnily PS division lived upto its reputation.... but me happy ...a pleasant surprise this Nagda.....OK just getting PS was a matter of joy,really...I just want to thank God that I got Ps .....Then I had no idea how to react to Nagda ......called home and told about it.....its a small town sort of .....near Indore and will be roughly 6 hours trip to Bhopal :) thankfully i shall not have the trouble of accomodation like others as its provided by the company..
All people got PS where they wanted ........Piyush got in Pune and he couldnt have been happier,loads shall be moving to Bang.....yesterday all seemed so happy with smiles all over the place of those beautiful days when all gathered in one wing and shared the jokes... the Yahoo jokes n Andale dandale ones :P

Took some songs from Juba yesterday,and landed upon "Vellai Pookal" from Kannathil Muthamittal.......Sometime around the time I started blogging I had promised to myself that I shall not attempt to put into words my feelings about...

2.Music ...specifically A.R. Rehman's works

..because it just sucks out too much energy from me to do so.and at the end of it I shall feel that its not a job well really isnt....But I have already talked a bit about the first one let me do the second thing too,..... right now I am happy that the ps thing happened and a little too besotted by this song.
Its a pity that such good songs remain out of hands of the non tamil speaking devotees of ARR like me.Its just unfair that i got to listen to this song this late ....and that too was a matter of chance.And it needs patience .....I remember how that annoyed Jammy :) I went to Juba's room to get American Beauty written and ended up talking for an hour about lots of things and luckily got this song.All I know is what this music feels like...i dont know what words he is singing mean
its so featherlight....feels like first drizzle of the spring. ...all the words like "magic" and "sublime" to discribe his music seem petty....I sincerely hope that similies help.I cant sing this song...I settle for "nanana nana nana nanana" and the whisteles.Just the guitar and his voice could create images in eyes and fill them with colours... no other music moves one like that.... no other music felt so simple yet powerful to make me see this world differently ...rather makes the pictures in my eyes of a world in which i would love to be in .... ...this music is a blessing ....just like a sunday morning.....bright sunshine full of hope,....when green trees with yellow flowers so gleefully dance .....full with energy in the wind ....and i could run free.all this imagery is the gift of this music............this music feels like a friend.....who puts his arm around my shoulder with a smile,tells me that this life is so beautiful ....unbounded,seamless,full of new possibilities....that there is no reason to be down .....we lie on our backs on a bed drenched in the tumbling mirth of the sunlight from the window.....i hear brown sparrows twitter in the verandah the smells from the kitchen fill the room while my mother cooks ..... just being there ..with every breath..... experiencing all of these at a single moment ...seems like time has stood still ... its a feeling quite the same as each and every second that this music soaks my soul......and how I feel such gratitude for these things...

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