Friday, November 18, 2016

tamasha notes 2

Tamasha is about having your priorities straight. This is about getting real. The need for having real relationships. Tara is willing to make a compromise and get married with Ved. But Ved is far gone. He will not let a relationship built on compromise. He knows this, who he has become is not really him. He will have to go through hell to get rid of the robot he has become. To be a real human being he will have to peel his layers away. Then he can become the man who deserves tara's love.

here's how the story os not willing to conform to the gender roles. Ved makes fun of Tara's decision to become a martyr. She blames herself when she apologises to him for what she said, for rejecting him. Ved says her apology is not doing anyone any good. This has been the traditional female role. The one who does wrong and who must make the compromise in order for the "Story" (Hence the relevance of the theme of "Same old story") to have the appropriate "they lived happily ever after" conclusion. Why? Why the same old story over and over again? the story of the boy doing so many things to convince the girl? Tamasha is the story of a boy correcting himself in order to be the best he can be. thus the love story.


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