Sunday, October 02, 2016

Sairat (2016) Notes 1

सांगवं ना बोलवं ना मनं झुरतया दुरून
पळतया टळतया वळतयं मागं फिरून.......
सजलं रं धजलं रं लाज काजला सारलं
येंधळ हे गोंधळलं लाङ लाङ गेलं हरुन.......
भाळलं असं ऊरातं पालवाया लागलं 
हे ओढं लागली मनातं चाळवायां लागलं
याडं लागलं गं याडं लागलं गं

Listening to this I am reminded of the fact that Sairat is such a classic tragedy. In these lines the young hero of the film says that his heart has lost its way. The heart has lost all the sanity. It is like a child that gets too cute with itself. English language is insufficient to express the emotion of the line - "laad laad gela harun" What i can say closest to its effect is that, the heart of the boy is now gone silly, and is getting too cute with itself.
This shade of falling in love for the first time in life, I think is the heart of this tragedy. Listening to it now the sadness feels more raw. They were so true to themselves to have fallen so hard in love, yet at the same time so foolhardy and naive. That exact naivete cost them their lives. The love at that age for these two seems to me was such that did not care for much else apart from each other. I mean to say it was selfish love. The boy, Parshya, did not mush care to what happened to his family after he left the village.

I think only this young can we be so shamelessly honest and also stupid enough to go against the norms of the society. When you are old, you can call us cynical or wise, depends on the perspective. But i know i will lose of i set myself a challenge like the one in sairat. :)

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