Saturday, December 01, 2012

Of love and respect and sentiments

There was this guy, just like you and me, who was working in a company and earning a living. And he was just another bloke, work, work and apart from that lot of beers and food and good time with friends. Maybe he had a girlfriend and they were really fond of each other.
The worst and most peculiar thing that you can say  about him is that he never read newspaper, or books or any news channels. He could survive very well, yeah, you see he knew enough of engineering or science or language or coding or selling to keep a job that pays for the rent and booze.
X on the other hand is a politician. The writer can safely say that he cannot be arrested for not providing all of the details about X.
One fine day Guy decides, "I dont like X." He says this on Facebook and Twitter and all that. He climbs on rooftops and yells "I don't like X". A man peeing in the street corner was distracted.

So they arrested him and raided his uncle's hospital.

"All that you do is eat chicken, drink beer and watch porn." (This somehow reminded him of an episode from FRIENDS but that's beside the point.) "What have YOU ever done for your fellow Indians? What do you know about Indian politics and history and how things are done here? Do you know how many people support X? By disrespecting X you've hurt sentiments and thats a thing so big the country is lucky it did not lead to bigger riots"

He was so afraid now. He was afraid he might lose his job because no company would hire anyone who's been arrested. His girlfriend would leave him. Which totally makes sense because such stupidity is not a sign of a goodfellow. His friends would mock his recklessness 'cause why would he do such a thing? His parents would be ashamed of him, feel guilty about perhaps not having taught him enough about the real world. How would they answer their relatives?

"I may not know shit, I may be stupid but do I have the right to say stuff?
I have learnt my lesson.
Never disagree. And above all, why tell it to others?"


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