Monday, November 01, 2010

Glengarry Glen Ross ... one of those films

who knows what salesmen really are? what kinda work they do and what they go through?I have immense respect for them. For the good ones i mean. i am in awe of them. but i cant be one. it was not like i gave up, i just made a choice, albeit one year in to the job.
long time ago i saw the trailers of the film rocket singh salesmen of the year, and i thought these guys have no idea what salesmen do. real salesmen would watch it and laugh. i guess the diro of tis movie is the same as that of chak de india and i have seen neither of the 2 movies. he should see glengarry glen ross. that film was made way back in 1992 and it was about real estate salesmen. life of a salesman aint fun. by now i shouldve learnt movies dont depict life. its so much more complex than that. but check out al pacino and jack lemmon in gleengarry and it ll blow your mind. interestingly both glengarry and rocket werent financial rockets. its a mystery, what works for films. if rocket singh didnt work because it didnt portray the life of a salesman accurately then glengarry didnt work because it was too honest in its portrayal and in turn it became too bleak (and for audiences like indian too much of a headache )to be enjoyed. pursuit of happyness on the other hand was not so much about salesmanship as it was about hope and perseverence. the two things are required for salesmanship but the portrayal of salesman's qualities itself was a small parrt of that film. but i believe somewhere the film (happyness) transcended real life and took us to places of joy and hope and achievement and thus it succeds.
glengarry is rare coz of many reasons - in a matter of less than 24 hours it takes you through lives of salesmen, small glimpses reveal just the fraction of what salesmen deal with day in and day out. its fascinating. the "moral hazards" and personally the fact that its all good ..... there is nothing right or wrong, nothing good or bad. just the targets that count. either you get them or you dont.
me on the other hand just dont wanna play the game.
all these things about morality are on a bigger scale, philosophical or something, but at little scale of moments between people, tricks and unnamed glances exchanged between wolves - thats the beauty of this film. all the gems are there especially al pacino and lemmon. watch it here

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