Friday, September 24, 2010

saw beauty and the beast. and i thought how these film makers can have such a sense of uniiversality of stories. how come in the final sequence of the story, when gaston attacks the enchanted castle and tries to kill the beast, he has been given a bow and arrow. a bow n arrow!! how unusual i thought. and guess who's known to use bow n arrows among hindus??
and i thought, man, beauty and the beast is the story of ramayana turned upside down. and of course the gigantic way in which details of ramayana and its sub plots are another issue. but from a simplistic plot of a ove triangle the two stories are anologous.
am i the only one who thinks like this? coz im still pretty baffled by the ingenius gesture by disney of giving gaston the bow n arrow.

PS: the instances of subliminal imagery in Disney movies have made me paranoid, sort of. so every time u see disney, you wanna look for some chinks.

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