Sunday, December 21, 2008

I am 24 and I stand at crossroads. I feel that life is full of cumbersome trivialities which suck time and energies out of it. I think only 20% of life's activities count for 80% of life's meaning. There is no fun in most of my life.
I am in love with zooey deschanel, anushka sharma, lauren gottlieb, and some other girl that i dream of that leaves me positively befuddled.
I am passionate about dancing, and i dont do anything about it.
I have spent large portion of my life talking, thinking, writing. I wonder if I could really empirically find of the % of time of 24 years that was spent staring the movie screen, listening to music with eyes closed, reading a book, staring the void, walking...... going nowhere.
My time spent has not led me to any concrete outcome, which leaves my parents disappointed. They want things to move faster - so that they can reach a place where everything is in place. And i dont want to be "in place".
And life is passing me by.

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