Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I have collected a lot of stuff stuff on GTD - time to make execution.
I feel distinctly unsettled after seeing "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish" as a title of a book. No matter how inspired you are from Steve Jobs, staying original should be a priority. I put the book down at blossoms, last weekend.
Lot of things to do, learn, talk about.....
less people to talk with.
obviously i am not going to speak here no matter how friendly the url www.envydee.blogspot.com might seem to me after so many years of camaraderie.
Interestingly i experienced a second instance of backstabbing.
"Did my back hurt your knife?"
as rachel would say.
i hate myself when i cant say things to people .....
but what good is it to hold bitterness in your heart ? ..... i calmed myself down by watching "City of Angels" the magic of touch, fresh air, sunlight, good food, fresh fruits, love, "music in the sunlight" compassion, is what i feel after seeing this movie.
also bought the lake house cd at jassi's recommendation.
Time to prioritize, be selfish, let it flow ......

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