Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A long way down ......

Oh i should tell you this! i had such a good time.....
my head felt light and i am currently feeling giddy at the thought of its memory.
Today morning, an hour before i left for work, I read first 37 pages of "A long way down" by Nick Hornby. and it turned out to be just what i needed. it is a very good read. nick hornby is unlike i have ever read; he is 'soo' good. i havent read anyone who uses mundane language spoken by the not so smart people of his novels. it is such a fine experience listening to four completely different people. the authenticity is unmistakable.

yet every now n then i did feel nick hornby getting reflected in each of the four. and a couple of times he struck gold with simplicity, carefree flow of thoughts .... it was smooth and real. it felt purgatory to me. maybe that was my state of mind. i needed that.
thanx a million nick.

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