Monday, May 26, 2008

A month ago, my agent showed me some really horrible places to live in on a saturday. on monday morning he calls me in office hours to tell me that he has found a "beautiful" place to live in. i took it. thats the place i m living in now. i love it as a matter of fact, it really is good.

but thats the game they play, they will show the ugly ones first. i got the picture that there really isnt a good place easily to be found. i got desperate.

maybe i m stretching it a bit too much, maybe i ll sound too old for my age ......

a regular middle class father of a girl will get ugly ones first for her, so that she doesnt have much liberty to be choosy. "Handsome young men are difficult to come by.......... or what is it?"

and here's a bad one, the one after seeing the first guy "How can my dad think that i m worth a man this ugly...?"

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