Saturday, August 18, 2007

examz over

and the worst one was finance. but nothing about that. i am going home tomorrow afternoon - yeshwantpur - vasco da gama express. relief!! thank you god for this feeling of relief.
and i will not be online or reply to mails and scraps and write blog posts, though their frequency has dwindled anyway. but i am gonna eat read and sleep at home. read and finish good books i left incomplete and plan for the next term. the killer term. god, i want this one to be perfect. no excuses. its now or never. in a way its good that i am going home before the term starts on 31st, i will come back refreshed and recharged. clear away all the webs of doubts and the shit that accumulated over years. thanx to mrs h i had an evaluation of the shit in the past two terms. things became clearer. now its time to act. and plan for the improved plan of action. seriously, each of her class had been very stimulating. i used to look forward to each one with specific expectation with certain enthusiasm. i have had revelations. her classes is one thing and the other most important thing that happened to me was the dance performance. felt great about my stamina, given my assignments, rehearsing for the dance, i think i did a pretty good job :) i couldnt post all the photos of the dance last time because of some problem with the blogger, as i had mentioned in the last post. i am posting them now. this term my people skills improved many times. i had good conversations with many people - subbu, jhango, sarkar, jhingon, suri, cheevi (my groupie in most of the assignments who dealt with my irrational moodswings very well - thanx a lot! :)) i am now feeling satisfied, as i feel i have become much better at dealing with people, but still there's hell long way to go. this sem i had bitter experiences with people too. i learnt about attention seeking behaviour, self pity, emotional superficiality........its kinda sad and we cant do anything about it. (yes, i said we) and we wasted a lot of time talking about something which is apparently incurable! much to our frustration. and we never saw it coming. it was sad because it hurt and what seemed like good friendship took a new dimension. but we learnt and took a lesson about how to deal with such behaviours, its not completely their fault, but we need to be careful.
the hostel is deserted. i need to pack all the stuff. and i am so damn tired. more coffee, one last time. really really looking forward to an out of this world term, the next one. i really have no words about what to expect out of myself for the next term. i plan to work harder than ever before. its gonna be a great term - finally things are gonna fall in place. i need to start reading when i am at home. i need to recharge and also cultivate the right frame of mind before the term gets started. i have made a list of books i need to skim through in my vacations and a set of goals to be achieved in these 9 days. so next stop - home!

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