Wednesday, November 22, 2006

There are some songs which you like at the first note that strikes your ear. Just the first sight of this song made me feel like i was here i dunno in last life maybe ..:P ....but there have hardly any such songs i can tell you that have that ethereal quality. I was small when i first heard this song but even today when it falls on my ears i am spellbound. check it out!

oh man, after seeing this video i feel like getting there, bake in the yellow sun, smell that sand in the air, beautiful, special and simple.


Luna Lovegood said...

never seen or heard this song before... it's quite nice nike... And it looks so old... as in lucky ali looks so very young!Wish I could understand what they are singing... only tere bin tere bin... hehe.

When do exams end? When are u planning to start up the next short story?

Nike said...

:D :D last exam is on 21st jan ....well thats for the instis that i have applied to .....i may still have more if i apply to more.
and once i was in the mood, so i had started writing the next story in my copy, i think i can put first chapter online sometime soon! :D