Thursday, August 24, 2006


We were a scene to watch on the road.
I was seeing hazy intertwined circles if lights in water as it poured down my spectacles. My fingers were slightly chilled with the cold water continuously dripping down. Though my head was a bit protected as i held the plastic moulded chair above my head. I was sitting behind Pawan (my cousin's friend and my current roommate (non-smoker)) who, quite curiously tied around his forehead his hankerchief to avoid water dripping down his face, on his yamaha. Between him and the handle of the bike was a leather briefcase which he was balancing with his stomach or arms every now and then when the omnipresent potholes of the pune roads threw us all up in the air.
Three times the motorcycle slipped. I do not have any plaster on any of my limbs today. Oh I thank you Lord Ganesha so much! (He is the one who draws the most attention right now out of the huge array of the Hindu dieties. The preparations for his worship going on on the scale of a war through out this city.)
People on the road looked at us with expressons on their faces. I didnt care. At the petrol pump we were served much anticipated Punekari comments / taunts / wisecracks which normally border on insult.
Well, i dinn give a damn, it was our last instalment of stuff being transported from older apartment to a new room. Yes! finally I am free! Table, chair, bed and food is all i need right now. Unfortuately there was no chair so i had bring my cousin's. There's this gradual acclamatisation with the Punekari ways and means.
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