Sunday, July 02, 2006

Pu La

Yesterday I properly listened to him. The last time was when I was in 8th or 9th standard. Back then i wasnt allowed to see anything other than the regional marathi doordarshan channel, during dinner. He was standing on a podium, speaking with such poise and eloquence. Mr.Purushottam Laxman Deshpande was an amazing orator, comedian and writer. At that time I was very lazy to wake up to marathi language. His presence on screen was very charming but i hardly understood eighty percent of what he was saying. And now I am in Pune, surrounded completely by marathi people, talking marathing all the time during my day, and i am loving it to be finally where I belong.
But listening to pu la yesterday was an amazing experience. He talked about Nagpurkars, Punekars and Mumbaikars, and then I realised I might not be exactly where I belong! .. lol because I actually belong to Nagpur and in that half an hour speech PLD talked what it means to live in these three different places in maharashtra, marathi people can be yet so different in lifestyles, the traits of people in these three marathi cities are markedly different and his description makes for a riot of laughter. I was amazed ...I am practially getting real life experience of the punekari life here, day in and day out and hearing it from his mouth was even more enthralling. The way he has put the day to day marathi life under microscope is amazing, he does meticulous study in the seemingly ordinary cores that make marathi urban lifestyle and speaks with such eloquence, in a way to make it seem easy. His literature seems so rich, beautiful, i feel tempted to compare him to P. G. Wodehouse, but then I havent even read anything close to half of things by PGW ....and have just listened tp Pu La twice or thrice.
Ok, ok! i admit! in some corner of my heart i do feel proud i mean its very unlike a 22year old and uncool to believe in such things...but its really amazing to LISTEN to him! and know that he too is a Deshpande.
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