Monday, September 12, 2005

Dear friends,due to psycho-social and academic reasons i have not been able to blog for some time.I still am reluctant to spend more time here,please make peace with just the pointers,maybe i will extrapolate on this later,maybe i wont.....or maybe i am just on a new major FRIENDS high right now...

Chandler: Well, I heard that you were thinking about asking Phoebe to move in with you and I thought maybe, we should have a talk. Man to ....well, me.
Gary: Sure. Okay.
Chandler: Uh, are you crazy? Are you insane? If you live with Phoebe, you two are gonna be y'know, live-living together!
Gary: Yeah, I-I considered that. I just know it would make me happy.
Chandler: You mean scared.
Gary: No, I mean happy.
Chandler: Scared- Happy?
Gary: Chandler, what-what are you doing?
Chandler: I am trying to open your eyes, my man! Don't you see, if you lived with Phoebe she's always gonna be there. You're gonna get home, she's there. You go to bed, she's there. You wake up and oh yes, she's there!
Gary: I know! I can't wait!
Chandler: Were you're parents happy, or something?

I believe your parents did the best thing they knew how to do.

-Affirmation,Savage Garden.

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