Monday, April 18, 2005

Minority Report

Apologies for being the way i am.As i said in my last post way back then, i turned out to be a screw up with blogging also.Thanx to jammy and gaurav for visiting this place.But they were disappointed to see its deserted scene.
I start my journey with thoughts about who i am right now.I am studying chemistry at a place called BITS Pilani.Its my sixth semester here but I have studied chemistry for just two lousy semesters.And thank god for that.
Its the first movie of my Bitsian life,The Perfect Storm,and we are lachcha-ing(laughing n chatting,the eternal bitsian slang,plz let me know if its irritating)in the auditorium and waiting for the show to begin,one friend of mine jokes "..............and we are the nightscholars!!"
So to help you make sense of this,the other significant detail of my existance is the fact that i am a minor breed of Bitsian.I am a Dayscholar.A keyhole view into the lives of the hostellers in first year was fun.With time it grew into a learning experience.Learning about how lucky i am, day in and day out.Now sometimes the two totally different lifestyles seem to take a toll on me.Two frequencies seem to resonate in my head so violently that the watertight void in there seems vitriolic.I prefer to keep this report trimmed down.A comprehensive study on this is not feasible right now.So much for the beginning i guess.

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